Be a Lion 

Boys to Baghdad

This is Award Winning Stage play, It is 1977. In the Hill District of Pittsburgh, PA, city officials intend to level a makeshift taxi dispatch office where neighbors have gathered for years. At a time when safe and comfortable transit was not guaranteed for African-American customers, Becker’s jitney car service has provided mobility and a modicum of respect for the community. Now his building has been identified as prime real estate for redevelopment, and Becker might just be forced out of business. Meanwhile, his estranged son has been released from prison and wants to come home. As pressure mounts, Becker is forced to reckon with powers beyond his control, and the ultimate test of forgiveness. Jitney is an “explosive” and “gripping” portrait of African American life and manhood from the pen of two-time Pulitzer Prize winning writer August Wilson, best known for fences.

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This is Award Winning Stage play, is not just a great story but it's an awesome experience. Set in the late 1980's and early 90's this coming to age romance guarantee's to deliver the process of becoming a man.

This is Award Winning Stage play, is not just a great story but a wonderful spin off from the famous movie, "The Wiz". This play has all the elements of the original but through the genius mind of the forgotten Lion.